18V Angle Drill LXT DDA351Z

The Makita DDA351 is the DA3011F model.. It is lightweight and uses a li-ion battery to warm very powerfully due to its four-polar high-powered motor. The DDA351 is the power source for the battery.

Compact, luminous, and easy to use, the Makita DDA351Z corner drill. A slim shape makes it the ideal tool to deal with tasks in smaller environments, and a rubberized grip offers comfort and stability. This tool has an all-metal gearbox providing additional stability for on-site use and 33 torque configurations provide light work for wood and metal. A cooling fan engine avoids overheating and makes fitting boiler bits simple with a 10 mm non-key chuck. This model doesn’t have a power cell but is designed for the Makita 18V Li-ion battery.

What is a Drill for the Right Angle?

In principle, a 90-degree angle-to-grip power drill with a head is a right-angle box. The head-on the right-angle box is usually much shorter than you can see with a regular model and the grip is generally designed for comfort when operated with one hand.

When would you use a right-angle drill?

The right-angle box is built mainly to fit in close spaces where a conventional box cannot be used. The angle allows the handle to be extended by a smaller head and shorter so that angles are boiled from inside. This also refers to any room which is inadequate to accommodate a conventional drill.

Some of the Important Features of this Angle Drill:

  • A fresh compact concept with housing for metal gear
  • In addition, For better efficiency, the 4 pole LXT motor is there.
  • LED light for work lighting
  • As well as Broad heel turn to control variable speed
  • The anti-slip grip of the rubber
  • Advance/Return rotation
  • Brake Electric
  • Chuck without 10 mm of key