18V Impact Driver BL LXT DTD154Z

The DTD154 impact driver is one of Makita’s best tools now, thanks to its ULTRA-COMPACT nature with a length of 117 mm and its Brushless DC motor. It has a three-stage electronic power selector + TEK mode that prevents fasteners from being tightened. Its high rotational velocity of 3,600 rpm is one of its leading performers, with max torque of 175 Nm.

With hard working conditions, the Makita DTD154Z brushless impact driver is easy to manage. The exterior case is dustproof and drip-proof so that an outdoor and construction job is a safe option. The Makita DTD154Z 18V brushless Makita DTD154Z cable ions are ideal for outdoors or rough environments. The brushless motor has carbon brushes. It allows the motor to run cooler for longer life and be more efficient.

Compared to previous versions, its external case design and improved pollution and drop-proof performance makes it much more reliable.

What is an Impact Driver?

A handheld impact driver is an instrument that gives a powerful, sudden turning power and a forward drive when hit with a hammer on the back. Mechanics also use it to remove larger screws and nuts which are “frozen” or over-torqued corrosively.

What are you using an impact driver for?

Impact drivers are built to drive long deck tubes or bolts efficiently in wooden posts, secure concrete tubes in block walls, and drive tubes into metal bolts.  It’s not intended for drilling, although it may be useful when using a spade bit.

Some of the Important Features of this Product:

  • eXtreme Protection Technology (XPT) ensures optimum dust, debris, and liquids protection in extreme conditions for optimal results
  • Also, the Selection of the 3-phase impact power + mode TEK prevents fastening
  • As well as Super lightweight with just 117mm total length
  • Moreover, One touch of sliding chuck to quickly add and uninstall bits
  • TEK mode (T-mode) decreases impact power during the final stages.