All About the Dewalt 18V Circular Saw

Dewalt 18V Circular Saw, If you’re looking for a high-quality circular saw that can handle some of the toughest work, this DeWalt circular saw might be the solution.

In this guide, we will review the best circular saws. We have compared strength, quality of blade, weight, and costs to give you our highest recommendations.

Dewalt DCS391N 18V Li-Ion Cordless 165mm Circular Saw

Dewalt DCS391N has a fantastic design, is easy to manage, and comes with good customer service. This Dewalt Circular Saw also has a no-load speed of 5500 RPM and a blade bore of 16 mm. You will use this saw to cut a maximum depth of 65 mm at a 90-degree angle. This lightweight approach provides an ideal balance of just 4 kg so that less user fatigue is present. Users have access to a dust blower to make it easier for them to cut fine lines and avoid spraying dust and debris around.

Fast blade changes – With the spindle lock, users can quickly and securely change the blade in just a few seconds, thanks to the quick blade change function offered to their users. It’s very relaxed even in tougher applications.

Lithium-ion battery – This product comes complete with lithium-ion technology. That ensures that the battery packs last a lot longer even when used for tougher applications. You will find that lithium-ion technology offers a much more powerful experience compared to its rivals.

Plunge-cut circular saws can only lower the blade when you push the button. That you should start cutting partway through the material that you’re dealing with instead of the edge, as with other templates.

LED lights appear on some of the newer models to help you see exactly where you’re going to cut. To include statistics on battery life, etc.

Laser guide – this helps to guide where the blade is going to cut.

Cutting Depth, Capacity, and Bevel Cuts

The depth and capability of the cut that you can achieve with your cordless circular saw depending on the size of the blade. That it is using. The broader the blade, the deeper the material you saw would be able to slash. Also, consider a model that provides a wide variety of cutting depths to allow for more versatility in the work you are doing.

This is only applicable if you’re trying to buy a model that can complete bevel cuts. Many saws will be able to cut deeper when they are at 0°, while others will cut deeper when they are at an angle.

Safety Advice

  • The stronger the braking system, the sooner you’ll be able to put down your saw and go on with your job after you’ve done the cut.
  • Make sure you wear goggles/glasses and a mask of dust as a large amount of dust and debris. It can be produced by using a circular saw
  • Stop loose clothes that could be pulled into a saw