Einhell TE-TK 18 Li Drill and Grinder Kit – Twin Pack


Proven reliable Einhell technology
Lightweight construction at just 5. 78 kgs
High performance for the home or tradesman

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Einhell TE-TK 18 Li Drill and Grinder Kit - Twin Pack

Suitable for the Power X-Change battery system Including 1.5 Ah and 3.0 Ah battery and high-speed charger Cordless drill TE-CD 18/2 Li Cordless angle grinder TE-AG 18/115 Li The Einhell TE-TK 18 Li Kit (Cordless Driver and Angle Grinder) is a set which comprises two tried and tested members of the Power X-Change family: The powerful TE-CD 18/2 Li cordless drill and driver and the TE-AG 18/115 Li cordless angle grinder. The advantage is obvious: Inconvenient cables, stumbling blocks and unwanted distractions because of restricted freedom of movement are a thing of the past with the enhanced, powerful and long-lasting generation of Einhell cordless electrical devices. The batteries with the high-performance lithium-ion battery cells can be used with all members of the Power X-Change family. Also included in the set are one 1.5 Ah and one 3.0 Ah battery, plus a 30 minutes high-speed charger. The TE-CD 18/2 Li cordless drill and driver with powerful motor and two-speed metal gearing is an all-rounder for DIY work. The quick stop function gets serial jobs done in next-to-no-time: The screwdriver stops the moment the screw has been screwed in or out, enabling the user to move straight on to the next screw. The torque slip coupling ensures precision operation and prevents overtightening of the screws. The single-sleeve quick-change drill chuck can be opened and closed conveniently with just one hand. The TE-AG 18/115 Li cordless angle grinder is the lightest cordless angle grinder of its class. The soft start function ensures that this featherweight starts up smoothly and the restart safeguard makes it safer to use. The modified air guidance of the angle grinder provides better cooling and a longer service life as a result. The disk guard comes with a quick-adjust facility for immediate adjustment to every new situation.