Greenworks Tools Battery-Powered Pole Mounted Pruner and Hedge Trimmer 2-in-1 G24PSHK2 (Li-Ion 24V 20 cm Sword Length and 51 cm with 18 mm Cutting Thickness Including 2Ah Battery and Charger)


EASY TO START – Insert 40 V battery and get started: With the battery lawn trimmer you can immediately start trimming your lawn freely and without cables – battery and charger are not included
PRECISE CORNERS AND EDGES work perfectly with the Greenworks 40 V string trimmer with automatic thread feed of 2 mm so you don’t have to repeatedly pull the trimming thread from the roll by hand
OPERATING COMFORT The two-part aluminium rod with steel connection provides the necessary stability for the edge trimmer I Thanks to the second handle you can easily reach every corner of the garden


Greenworks Tools Battery-Powered Pole Mounted Pruner and Hedge Trimmer 2-in-1 G24PSHK2 (Li-Ion 24V 20 cm Sword Length and 51 cm with 18 mm Cutting Thickness Including 2Ah Battery and Charger)

Greenworks battery-powered pole mounted pruner and hedge trimmer 2in1 G24PSHK2 (Li-Ion 24V 20cm sword length and 51cm with 18mm cutting thickness including 2Ah battery and charger). Reach undreamt-of heights in gardening with the 2in1 set from Greenworks, consisting of a pole mounted pruner and a hedge trimmer. No more climbing up trees to cut branches or falling off the ladder. With the aluminium telescopic pole, which can be extended from 1.5m to 2.4m in length, you can easily set different working heights - safely from the ground. This gives you a greater reach even overhead. With the 20 cm long sword and the motor in longitudinal axis for a better view of the cut, you can also trim high branches without any problems. The chain tension can be readjusted without any tools - a quick-action regulator ensures safety and efficiency. The ergonomically designed, rubber-coated handle supports your forearm and offers more control and precision when cutting - relief for your forearm! So you can work longer with more comfort. A shoulder strap can also be attached to give you even more control and comfort. In addition, the bar of the delimbing device can be dismantled into 3 parts for easier transport and space-saving storage. The hedge trimmer offers just as much comfort. With a 120-degree rotating head, you can easily adjust the angle that allows you to trim your high hedges safely from the ground. Clean trimming is guaranteed - with a cutting thickness of the incisors on the 51cm long sword and a cutting speed of 1500CPM. In addition, the Greenworks brushless electric motor is silent and low vibration on all machines. Full power is provided by the rechargeable battery and the hedge trimmer thanks to the lithium-ion battery. ONE BATTERY FOR ALL! Our batteries 24V are available with 2 Ah and 4 Ah and are compatible with many other products from Greenworks Tools in the garden and workshop areas. This means you have an infinite radius of action & no more danger of stumbling over annoying cables during garden work. The LEDs built into the batteries show the remaining battery charge at the push of a button. Technical data at a glance: high button: 20cm sword length ; battery power: 24V ; battery life (2Ah/4Ah): 10min / 20min weight: 3,7kg Hedge trimmer: 51cm sword length ; battery power: 24V ; battery life (2Ah/4Ah): 33min / 66min ; weight: 2,8kg Scope of delivery: high push button and hedge trimmer with battery & charger

Make your life easier! With the 24V Greenworks combi tool 2in1 high pruner and hedge trimmer. Trim low as well as higher hedges effortlessly with the battery hedge trimmer. The reach of 2.9m also lets you reach higher ends of the hedge. Thanks to the light weight of only 3.2kg, the work is comfortable and efficient. Our powerful cordless hedge trimmer helps you easily achieve a perfect hedge - no matter what height - thanks to a rotating handle. The practical combination tool allows you to complete gardening tasks across the seasons - without additional individual tools. For example, use the hedge trimmer for hedge work in autumn and the pruner for cutting branches in winter.

Benefit from the 2in1 device and use the quick and easy change to the battery-powered high pruner with chainsaw attachment to also remove higher branches. This way you can safely reach high branches and twigs or hedge edges from the ground. With its 2.8 kg, the pruner is also a real lightweight and particularly comfortable to use.

Your neighbours will thank you: thanks to the battery drive of the hedge trimmer, you enjoy handling with low vibrations and without unpleasant noise. So you can do your gardening without disturbing the neighbours.

  2in1 combi tool The perfect support for gardening! The 2in1 Greenworks combi tool is the ideal choice for working on the hedge and branches. With the hedge trimmer you can effortlessly trim your hedge, whether low or high. For work on higher branches, simply switch to the chainsaw attachment. And all this without any additional tools. Light and mobile Both devices are particularly convincing due to their light weight. At 3.2 kg and 2.8 kg, both the battery-powered lopper and the battery-powered hedge trimmer are easy to operate. So that cumbersome gardening work comes to an end and you can enjoy maximum comfort. Battery-powered pole saw G24PH51 With the 20cm chainsaw, even more demanding gardening tasks are no longer a problem. Cut higher branches comfortably from the ground without risky work on a ladder. An included shoulder strap provides you with additional comfort when working. Battery-powered hedger G24PS20 Enjoy perfectly trimmed hedges and bushes in your garden. The hedge trimmer can be used as a real all-rounder for gardening thanks to its 2m reach and a practical 7-position jointed head. With a robust diamond-ground and laser-cut blade in 51cm length and a cutting thickness of 18mm, the trimmer ensures an even cut.

Greenworks lithium-ion batteries deliver full power when used with Greenworks Tools. You can use the battery for all your 24V devices, whether for garden or workshop. This not only protects the environment, but also your wallet Both 2Ah and 4Ah batteries can be released quickly into the handle of each piece of machinery. Greenworks has been developing batteries and motors together since the beginning and through their experience ensure you get the best results.