Metabo 625591000 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery, 18 V, Green

  • Ultra-m technology: intelligent battery management for long-lasting battery packs
  • Patented air cooled charging technology
  • Permanent Electronic single cell protection (ESCP) when charging, for particularly long life
  • Processor-controlled charge and discharge management
  • Long storage capacity with Almost no self-discharge
The Metabo slide li-ion battery pack uses a floating battery cell storage system that protects the cells from damage Caused By blows or bumps and ensures a longer service life. Also has a capacity indicator in the form of 4 LEDs, showing you the level of charge, with the touch of a button. It is compatible with all Metabo 18 volt machines and chargers that accept slide on type batteries. This battery pack features Metabo Ultra-M technology: intelligent battery management, All relevant information is stored on the microchip of the battery pack. This microchip communicates with the electronics of the machine and the charger and ensures an efficient and gentle charging process as well as Ideal energy usage when working - for maximum power and service life. Electronic single cell Protection (esca), this protects each and every battery cell from discharging completely and from overcharging - for extremely long battery life. Patented air cooled charging technology, The battery pack is cooled by a fan in the charger - for shorter charging time and longer service life. Battery capacity: 4.0Ah.Battery chemistry: li-ion. Voltage: 18 Volt.