18V Jobsite Radio

18V Jobsite radio

Bluetooth DAB/FM/AM TSTAK Jobs Radio. Bluetooth Technology allows you to remotely control your music. But there’s a 3.5mm Aux, too. Input and USB 2.4 Hz charger. Class D amplifier, a digital sound processor for sound optimization. 40W RMS and 2 premium sound subwoofers. IP 54 Protection against dust and jets of water. This radio picks up 12 presets of FM.

The Radio also features full color and a rotating display. The DAB T-STAK Site Radio also features a full color & rotary album art display, easy-to-use preset DAB and FM radio stations, an integrated music player that allows you to stream your own music, a USB charger, a 3.5 mm auxiliary, and large IP54-compliant storage and battery compartment. Like its TSTAK, it features normal stacking latches and also includes rubber bumpers that withstand shock at all 4 corners to ensure tough on-site safety.


Also, Compatible with the TSTAK storage system. 45W RMS output mains and battery. IP54 for water and dust resistance. Mobile app to connect and control the unit on iOS and Android. Charges DeWalt 18V XR and FlexVolt batteries

The Jobsite radios are designed to operate in a diverse workplace, and therefore, they come with durable construction. Also, They are capable to sustain the risks on sites and can withstand the ruggedness of outdoor weather elements. Your chosen Jobsite radio must be able to handle the tasks as well as work flawlessly in different weather conditions.

Most Jobsite radios are either powered by electric outlets or batteries or both. If you intend to use a Jobsite radio for a workplace that has a continuous electrical supply, then it is a good idea to go for an electrically powered radio Make sure the cordless Jobsite radios come with an efficient and rechargeable battery system.

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