18v SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill

18v SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill is able to dig with ease into concrete, timber, and masonry. With 40 different locking positions, the chisel rotates 360° to get the highest working angle possible. It is suitable for digging anchors and covering holes. It is designed for efficiency.

This rotary hammer features a powerful Brushless DC motor that provides greater performance than the DHR202 18V Cordless Combination Hammer model. This drill was the first Cordless Hybrid Hammers from Makita with a device for dust retrieval. Compact, lightweight and ergonomic construction for longer working times for increased convenience and support.

The chuck and the gearbox shift back and forth together to handle the effect. And a hammer mechanism, as well as a variable speed lever, for greater operator convenience. For fast bit shifts, integrated L.E.D. lamps, and one-touch sliding chucks. It operates almost as well as any corded drill except without cables for convenience. 3-Mode Switch for rotation only, hammering with rotation or hammering only

Two ribbed metal disks clip in and out against one another in a hammer drill, creating damage. Look for a hammer drill from SDS Plus, instead. Compact, lightweight and ergonomic construction for long working times to enhance convenience and support. For better user comfort and support during extended operating times, this SDS plus Hammer Drill by DeWalt has a compact, lightweight and ergonomic build.

With a high-speed drilling efficiency of over 66 holes per fee, the best hammer drills on the market are ideal for technical use and DIY enthusiasts alike. As well as delivering high performance, it is faster. A couple tequila shots might do the trick if you need something that really gives a blow, but it’s not going to do you a lot of good on site. Look for an SDS Plus hammer drill instead.

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