36V Reciprocating Saw

36V Reciprocating Saw with the Brushless motor. It will run up to 2,300 spm in low speed and 3,000 spm at high speed. Keyless lever-action blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes. To allow flush cutting and enhanced versatility, a 4-position blade clamp also featured on the Makita Reciprocating saw. With the tool-less blade changing mechanism, blade alterations are simple. Simple to use, equipped with a trigger switch and lock-off lever, with the capacity for tool-less blade adjustments. Soft-Grip Handle.

When used in harsh weather conditions, the Makita XPT device (Extreme Defense Technology) defends against water and dust penetration. For quick brush replacement, easy access carbon brushes. Compatible with 18V LXT Makita batteries. The electric 2-speed range provides the optimal high-speed rpm for timber cutting and low speed for steel cutting. It’s just 3.7 kg in weight and the new drive train. Blade speed controlled via the variable trigger on the soft-grip handle with the electronic 2-speed controls also conveniently located.

The Reciprocating saws are very versatile because they can be used to cut most construction materials either horizontally or vertically. It looks like a sabre saw, but the blade clamp uses either a normal sabre saw or jigsaw blades. Working in a room without sockets with a wired reciprocating saw can also be a problem since you either need to find an extension or other nearby sockets. It is perfect for technical applications and frequent use, great for light employment.

With a broad variety of blade types available, you can cut wood, metal, and plastic. With the correct blade, small steel pipes, railway sleepers or pruning trees can be cut. In order to maximize battery energy usage for up to 50 percent longer run-time per charge. For a longer life, the brushless engine runs hotter and more effectively.

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