Cordless Dewalt Nailer

 Dewalt DCN692N

Dewalt DCN69is capable of shooting a 90mm ring shank nail into softwood and 63mm into the hardwood. A mixture of smart electronics and the brushless motor ensures that even the heaviest person with a single battery charge can complete a full day of work. Most clipped head and center round head framing nails can be approved by the flexible 30-34 degree magazine angle.

Firstly, To configure the fire nailer for all nail lengths, the DEWALT DCN692N Cordless XR First Repair Nailer has two speeds (or power levels).  Two modes are available for the nailer. so the DCN692 gains from longer runtime, faster fire readiness, less bounce, and more agility when shooting short nails. But the fact that it operates without gas is what makes this Nailer so popular with customers.

With 2 speeds or power levels that maximize all lengths of nails for firing by the nailer. But what makes the first fix nailer so popular is the fact that it operates without fuel. The sequential operating mode allows for proper positioning and the user’s output speed is given by the pump operating mode.


Firstly, Two speeds or power levels that configure the nailer for the firing of all nail lengths. Secondly, The sequential operating mode requires precise positioning and the bump operating mode provides output speed for the user. The mechanical rather than gas operation provides consistent temperature output between -20 and 50 degrees Celsius and minimum specifications for cleaning/service
Leading vibration and sound figures in the class, provide excellent consumer safety.  Last but not least, the reversible belt/rafter hook gives improved office portability and flexibility.

Using the thumb wheel depth adjuster, depths can be conveniently changed. Improved visibility and reliability along with work-surface protection from non-marine contact-trip. So the ergonomic nature of the instrument helps the nailer to conveniently fit between a 400 mm central stud. Free service of gas provides considerable cuts in operating costs. Free stall/jam clearing of the tool minimizes user downtime. A cordless arrangement such that no hanging contributes to dealing with. The user should lock off the touch trip to stop the unintended discharge of the fastener. Dry fire lockout means that in the magazine the instrument is secured from shooting without nails.

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