Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The improved variant of the highly durable version. That now requires a slide on Lightweight Extreme Technology Batteries is the Cordless Reciprocating Saw. The blade screw clamping is compatible with both recipes and with jigsaw blades. In both recipes and jigsaw knives, the clamping of the blade screw is reliable. Enabling the engine to run hotter and more reliably for a longer life.  With the electronic 2-speed controls also conveniently placed, blade speed is controlled via the variable trigger on the soft-grip handle.

Using an easy-to-use twist lock system, both Makita reciprocating saws have tool less blade holders. Electric stop, LED worklight safety lock-off switch, retractable joist hook, and change of the tool-free shoe. For timber cutting and low speed for steel cutting, the electric 2-speed range offers the perfect high-speed rpm. There are two switch levers in the saw using variable velocity control. Compatible with batteries from the Makita 18V LXT. The small size and lower weight mean decreased fatigue for operators, particularly for overhead applications. Upon contacting rebar, the built-in torque limiter clutch disengages if bit jams. The tool handle button switch & paddle switch on the tool body makes it easier to operate at any grip position, making it versatile to use any trigger.

You can cut the wood, metal, and plastic with a wide range of available blade styles. This will require a soft start and a variable speed trigger for wood and steel with a peak cutting range of 50 mm. In a room without sockets, operating with a wired reciprocating saw can also be a problem as you either need to find an extension or other nearby sockets. It is compact with a dual variable velocity switch option to control the handle or paddle switch on the body, allowing you to change your grip accordingly.

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