dab radio bluetooth

You can stream your music from your cell phone or tablet using a Bluetooth DAB radio. It is like a bluetooth speaker where the radio doubles. Bluetooth is a very frequent factor in radios today, so there are many options if you want a Bluetooth radio.

The radio for the DAB (+)/FM worksite is lightweight and durable. It is also suitable for offices and for home use. In addition, it is compatible with a power cord 1.8m wrap-around and 10.8V, 14.4V and 18 Volt batteries. The integrated rolling cage provides the radio with optimum longevity and protection against injury.

They have a durable build and rubberized grips. The aerial is rubbery and bendy so it’ll take a trouble-free knock and if anything happens the foundation will be replaceable. It was made to shield it from water and dust. It’s quality and charges the antenna with pounding bass. Planned especially for workplace use.


The Dewalt DCR020 is a very compact, easy to use digital radio with very decent sound quality. DAB(+)/FM Radio lightweight and sturdy. Accepts Li-ion batteries for 10.8V, 14.4V, and 18V XR (not included). On-board security Tech Box protects handheld audio equipment. The integrated roller cage gives optimum longevity impact tolerance. Dust and water jet safety IP 54. 1,8m wrap-around power cord storage device.

They also support the threats at the site and are able to deal with the roughness of external weather elements. Your radio chosen must be able to perform the duties and operate under varying weather situations without any issues.

Electric outlets or batteries or both drive the bulk of the radios. If you are going to use the radio to provide an electrically provided location with constant electricity, so it is a smart choice to use an electrically-powered radio. Lastly, these products are easily available at toptopdeal.

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