dewalt dcr020 dab+

By using a Bluetooth DAB radio, you can download your music from your mobile phone or tablet. Where the radio doubles, it’s like a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth is a very frequent component in radios nowadays, but if you want a Bluetooth phone, there are several choices.

Firstly, The radio is lightweight and robust for the DAB (+)/FM worksite. It is also fitting for workplaces and for use at home. Moreover, it is compatible with a 1.8m wrap-around power cord and 10.8V, 14.4V, and 18 Volt batteries. Secondly, The incorporated rolling cage offers maximum lifespan and injury safety to the radio. The aerial is rubber and bendy, so it’ll withstand a blow without any complications and if anything happens to it, the sub base is replaceable. It was designed to defend it from dust and jets of water.

They have a robust build and grips that are rubberized. The aerial is rubbery and bendy, meaning it’ll take a problem-free knock and the base will be replaceable if anything happens. It’s quality, and the booming bass charges the antenna. Designed expressly for use in the office. With pounding bass and as well as charging your radio, it is quality. Planned especially for worksite use.


With very good sound quality, the Dewalt DCR020 is a very lightweight, easy to use a digital radio. Lightweight and resilient DAB(+)/FM Station. Accepts 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V XR XR Li-ion batteries (not included). Tech Box’s onboard protection covers handheld audio devices. The integrated roller cage has maximum impact resistance for durability. Protection of Dust and Water Jets IP 54. 1,8M Wrap-around power.

They also help the risks at the site and can cope with the roughness of external aspects of the atmosphere. Your selected radio must be able to execute the tasks and work without any difficulties under diverse environmental conditions.

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