dewalt tstak jobsite radio

With a bass resonator and Bluetooth® compatibility, this compact TSTAK® Bluetooth® Radium + Charger offers high-quality sounds. Firstly, it is a rough workspace with water and stabilization resistance to IP54. Your computer is secured by a convenient storage compartment. As well as it has a fast USB loading outlet and audio output adds comfort. This machine uses and loads the lithium-ion batteries 12V MAX*, 20V MAX*, and FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX*. Stack it on your system for all TSTAK® boxes. This upgrades your workstation perfectly. · The term name Bluetooth is a registered Bluetooth SIG trademark.

DAB and DAB plus

DAB+ primarily benefits from using the available spectrum to carry out radio signals even more effectively. These stations will potentially send up to three times the results. Apart from this, it ensures for listening even more audio clarity and space for still more stations. DAB+ provides the standard digital radio with a more stable reception, which makes it less likely to cut out the signal while you are listening.

Introducing the latest XR 18v and FLEXVOLT power compatibility DeWalt T-STAK Work Site Radio and Battery Charger! With an output of 45 watts, the DWST1-81079 provides FM, AM, and DAB+. Like its TSTAK, its stacking latches are common and also have shock-absorbent rubber bumpers at every four corners, making it difficult to secure the location. This heavy site radio is fitted with 2 front mid-range speakers, 2 mid-range speakers on the rear, and 2 powerful sub-woofers on the floors, together with bright sound quality.


Compatible with the battery set 18v XR and XR FLEXVOLT. Compatible with all stackable storage solutions from TSTAK. High-speed architecture for the hardest working areas. Moreover, the sound output of the 4 intermediate speakers and 2 subwoofers. Linked TSTAK – Totally controllable with power on/off from your Apple or Android device (DeWalt Mobile App & Bluetooth required). Check the state of your battery charging with the DeWalt Mobile App. Using the wired computer microphone as a public warning system. Completely edited radio channels pre-set. The auto-rotating color screen and built-in music player. IP54 weather resistance ranking & fast USB outlet charging. At last, this product is available at the  you can buy it at  effective price.

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