DHR281ZJ 36V

Makita DHR281ZJ 36V Brushless SDS + Rotary Hammer Drill

Makita Company is a Japanese power tool company. Created on 21 March 1915, it is situated in Anjō, Japan, and maintains industries in Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Romania, United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, Thailand, and the United States.

The Makita DHR281ZJ is a powerful cordless rotary hammer drill with a fast drill that easily moves from a hammer drill SDS to a 1⁄2″ 3 jaw secure drill for motor drill. And includes a 36v brushless motor driven by 2 x 18v Li-Ion batteries. Moreover, It has a completely brushless motor that ensures long life and strength.

Safety tips

  • Only properly qualified and skilled workers can operate this device.
  • Read and review all written information given by the company regularly to ensure safe and efficient use.
  • Keep the place where you’re working clean of dust. Further, ensure there are sufficient lights in your workplace.
  • Do not use power tools in a place where there’s an unsafe atmosphere. In addition, stay alert at all times since this equipment will be operated.
  • Do not operate this equipment if you are tired or under the pressure of medication, alcohol, or drugs.
  • Just use the batteries required for the tool you are using.
  • In addition, avoid working in rainy or tropical climates.
  • Replace rough or damaged pieces or drill bits. Moreover, it always uses the correct parts or drills bits for the work.
  • Secure the material being worked on, use clamps, etc. if it is not already set in place. Further, never push a rotary hammer, turn to a tool that is best suited to the job you do.
  • Do not use the hammer drill if the control switch does not turn the tool on or off properly. Moreover, use only the accessories manufacturer recommendations.
  • Usually, store the batteries in place with their protective cover.
  • Do not use the drill/hammer selection dial until the tool has stopped moving.

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