dhr281zj makita

dhr281zj  Makita

MAKITA POWER TOOLS INDIA PVT. LTD. was created and is a fully owned subsidiary of MAKITA CORPORATION, JAPAN.
The unequaled value and quality of these power tools and other products are made possible by the company’s powerful Expertise. This has won Makita Items the confidence of customers around the world. Makita manufactures power tools and other machinery at seven abroad factories.

This Makita DHR281ZJ Dual 18v SDS+ Rotary Hammer has XPT-Xtreme Secure Design, which provides maximum safety against dust and sprays water even under harsh conditions. It also comes with a quick-change SDS-PLUS that allows you to use more drill bits for your specific project.

Safety Tips

  • Only properly qualified and skilled workers can operate this piece of equipment.
  • Read and review all written information issued by the manufacturer regularly to ensure safe and correct use.
  • Keep the place where you’re working clean of debris. Further, ensure there is ample lighting in your work area.
  • Do not use power tools in an environment where there might be an explosive atmosphere.
  • They do not operate this equipment if you are stressed or under the influence of plants, alcohol, or drugs.
  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery. Moreover, prevent interaction with moving parts.
  • Always check the faulty parts tool before use. In addition, It always checks the trigger switch and locks it before use.
  • Do not use a hammer drill if it does not work in any way.
  • Mark malfunctioning equipment with the “DO NOT USE” tag and delete it from a repair or replacement operation.
  • Always store the tool correctly when the job is done.
  • Do not leave the tool in a powered state for long periods of time while it is not in operation.
  • Never charge a battery with a charger that is not listed for the battery to be charged.
  • Just use the batteries listed for the tool you are using.
  • Avoid working in rainy or humid environments.
  • Use outlets with ground fault circuit breakers wherever possible. Moreover, they do not detach the grounding prong from the power cords in any conditions.

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