It features an improved brushless motor that provides increased torque and retains excellent strength and performance in a variety of light to heavy applications. This DeWalt impact driver features an optimized 3-mode selector that allows a range of speeds to accommodate various applications; where mode 1 suits the light and small jobs and mode 3 suits heavy impact jobs. It introduces a new effect system that offers longer driving time and faster speed.

In addition to this, the advanced SBS module draws more power from the engine. High power brushless engine output up to 205Nm of torque ensures fast completion of heavy applications while the ergonomic soft-grip handle provides maximum user comfort, reducing fatigue during prolonged use and providing greater control of the tool. A manual impact driver is a tool that provides a strong, sudden rotational force and forward force when struck with a hammer on the back.


  • The application is regulated at 3 speeds and torque, like ‘Precision Drive’ The application control
  • Precision Drive mode provides additional screw-driving power to prevent material and connection injury.
  • The method is incredibly light and lightweight and can be used easily in small quarters.
  • Light ring  “Halo” provides decent workpiece lighting
  • ‘Drop-in’ bit holders make for quick one-handed fitments.

In addition, it makes holes in wood, steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete, drywall, plastics.  Use a nut driver bit or a socket to zoom through assembly work, tightening a bolt head or a nut. Specialized drills have a chisel setting that allows the tool to work in a percussion mode without rotary action at all.

 This tool converts the sleeve’s extreme rotary inertia into the lighter heart to deliver vast volumes of torque. At the same time, the hammer’s striking blow causes the driver to minimize or remove the cam. Usually, the wide units (also called impact brackets) have a square output shaft that attaches to traditional hex sockets directly.

In use it initially behaves rather like a powered screwdriver, however as the resistance to the screw turning increases, the driver will automatically switch to its impact mode. This continues to drive the screw (far slower than initially) but with much greater torque. In addition, it is available at toptopdeal.

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