Impact Drivers provides fast driving speeds and maximum power in a compact design. The intelligence of REDLINK PLUS ensures maximum performance and protects against overload, heating, or over-discharge. Compact and less weight for even more comfortable work batteries. Because it’s empowering the engine to run cooler and more productively for longer life. The impact drivers has a no-load speed of 3600rpm providing up to 3800ipm. The percussive action saving time and effort, driving screws up to 30% faster than a conventional drill/driver. TEK mode (T-mode) reduces impact power during the final stages of fastener seating. Super compact with an overall length of only 117mm.

It provides much of the force you may need to drive in a large fastener, reducing the demand on your muscles and wrists. The main advantage of a standard drill is its versatility. It makes a serviceable tool for most jobs since it can accept a wide variety of bit types. It, not only drills specialized holes for pocket screws, it drives the screws themselves, and you’re one step closer to being a furniture maker. Carbon brushes are disposed of by the brushless motor. Since it allows the motor to run hotter and more effectively for a longer life. It has an electronic 3 stage impact power selector + TEK mode selection that prevents fasteners from over-tightening.

The 1.5kg compact & lightweight plan makes it easy to transport around the worksite without losing power. It will drive regular bolts from M5 to M14 and machine screws from M4 to M8 when upgrading the belt clip. At 1.5kg and with an ergonomic soft grip, it is compact and lightweight. The battery protection system offers improved efficiency, battery cycle life and general battery life with over-discharge, temperature and current protection. Premium rubber overmold withstands corrosive materials and offers greater comfort.

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