Makita Circular Saw

The new Makita 10.8V CXT cordless circular saw from Makita come with more power and cutting efficiency. 190mm & 235mm tend to be the more common diameters. The  Circular saws are broadly in the middle of the diameter blade range for this 165mm diameter blade. The new technology is Li-ion, before it was Ni-MH and the original was Ni-Cad.

Introduction of circular saws: circular saws, also referred to as a rip saw or a skill saw, are used depending on the chosen blade for the smooth, vertical cuts in wood, wood with nails, Corrigan, laminates & aluminum. Lock-off button for safe operation.

At just 4 kg, this lightweight solution provides an ideal balance, so less user fatigue is present. With it, users have access to a dust blower that will allow them to better cut fine lines and prevent dust and debris from spraying around. The Keyless slope point and cut the depth modification for the most severe cordless versatility with easy to research size.

Features a 1700w high-power brushless motor with a maximum no-load speed of 5100rpm, a blade of 185mm diameter capable of max 65mm cutting capability at 90 °, max 45mm at 45 ° & max 8mm at 53 °. With two 5.0 Ah battery packs (11 lbs with no batteries) tipping the scales to 12.4 lbs, it is also a little heavier. A handle with a control switch is also provided for circular saws. For safety purposes, a nut to keep the blade in place, and a guard.

The longer the gap between charges, the greater the Ah (Ampere hours); the less times you recharge a battery, the longer it will last. Some cordless instruments, also referred to as naked, bare units or body only, can also come without batteries. As a result, they are considerably cheaper in cost.

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