Makita Combi Drill

Combi Drill is an all-purpose drill that has a number of different tasks to execute. There will be a hammer environment for the vast majority of combi drills, giving the drill an impact force as well as the rotational force that helps you to drill into concrete and masonry. Like a typical drill, those drills have a standard forward feature. However, to help simplify those work, they also feature a forward hammering motion.

The new 10.8v Makita range offers enhanced strength, longevity, and usability for users. The Makita Drill driver is the most basic cordless drill for the hands of the rotary drill counterpart. A drill driver will drive screws and drill holes into hard or softwood and plastic, laminates, etc. It will do all of these applications as well as drill into masonry, concrete, and steel. Twin LED job light with afterglow.

A hybrid drill that offers 21 torque settings. Ideal for drilling applications that are light to medium duty. In high gear and 8,250 impacts per minute in low gear, it will produce 31,500 impacts per minute. In masonry, 13 mm in steel and a whopping 76 mm in timber, the 13mm single sleeve keyless chuck makes 16 mm capacity. It also includes a Makita XPT system that, when used in difficult conditions, prevents water and dust from entering. When drilling on hard surfaces such as concrete, stone, mortar, and brick, they are highly successful.

They are highly effective in drilling into hard surfaces like concrete, stone, mortar, and brick. Improved ergonomic style of grip over mould on rubber to improve comfort for consumers. For the vast majority of Combi drills, there will be a hammer setting, which gives the drill an impact force. As well as the rotational force that causes concrete and masonry to be drilled.

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