Makita DMR200


The Makita DMR200  10.8/18V job site speaker with Bluetooth body has been developed from the DMR200 with the additional benefit of being able to play music from USB memory. Makita is the market’s leading provider of professional power tools. Equipped with Bluetooth Class 2, LCD panel monitor, load, pause, and pick tracks and folders control button. Equipped with Bluetooth class 2 to connect your mobile device wirelessly to play music with a range of up to 10 m, and also has a mobile device storage compartment.

Bring quality sound with the versatile and durable DMR200 to wherever the job takes you. Great for wireless playback of your music through Bluetooth or with the AUX-IN socket connected to your mobile device. Makita 10.8v (12v Max) CXT or 18v LXT Lithium-Ion batteries (not included) or AC adapter jack can be powered for maximum versatility. Perfect for playing your music wirelessly via Bluetooth or with your mobile device connected to the AUX-IN socket. It can also be powered by AC mains (cable included) when battery power is not available. It has the larger 89 mm speakers (such as the DMR108)-giving you improved sound quality over the previous versions of DAB.


A large LCD panel displays song titles, singers, etc. Plays music from USB flash memory drive – from inside the unit. The USB port allows for charging the mobile device. The flat anti-slip top surface. Carry handle for easy transport. Battery Range: 10.8 – 18 v. Storage compartment for mobile device: Charging of mobile device still possible when stored.

Equipped with Bluetooth class 2 to wirelessly connect your mobile device for playing music with a range of up to 10m. AUX-IN jack. AC adaptor jack. USB port allows for charging the mobile devices. Storage compartment for mobile device: keep your device protected when in use by storing it in the compartment underneath. Charging of mobile devices is still possible when stored. Flat anti-slip top surface for laying your connected device. 2-way speaker system – 100mm subwoofer and 36mm tweeter. IP64 rated dust and shower-proof construction. LED indicators for Bluetooth connection

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