Makita Impact Driver

Makita Impact Driver

Makita Impact Driver is compact, 137 mm long. It also has an all-metal gearbox for long life. And a soft-grip handle designed to maximize thrust right to the bit. A manual impact driver is a tool that provides a strong, sudden rotational force. And forward force when struck with a hammer on the back. It Makita Impact driver 18v has a variety of features including an electric brake, variable speed control trigger, forward / reverse rotation, twin LED job light, and installation of a one-touch bit. Variable speed control trigger. The compact overall length of 137mm. Less recoil and less likely to strip screws

Like a cordless drill, the impact motor uses rotational energy to push a screw and saves its bursts of fast strength when it feels resistant. When dealing with wood, you can use the impact driver for long screws or wide fasteners. The impact driver is smaller than the hammer drill, making it easy to handle.

The impact driver LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless provides power and speed in a small size. The best choice for cabinet designers, kitchen utensils, electricians, etc., anybody who does a bit of a screwdriver.For a full range of driving and fastening tasks. Last but not the least, The new range of 10.8v  impact driver provides users with enhanced power, durability, and usability.


It is a lightweight driver with a maximum effect of 110Nm and a maximum speed of 2600 rpm. Features such as a rubber rounded handle, a backlight LED and an electrical brake that almost automatically stops rotation. In addition, the Makita impact driver contains a rubber molded handle and a 1⁄4″ single sleeve for fast bit changes.

In addition, this motion facilitates the requisite penetration to force the attachment to a hard surface as the kit spins the waste out of the cavity. Hammer drills may be used to convert bolts into brick, mortar, masonry, or metal.

Impact drivers accommodate wider screws and bolts more efficiently than standard light bolts. In contrast, more rotational energy is immediately added when it meets resistance.

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