makita jr105dz 10.8v

One of the first new architectural models is the MAKITA JR105DZ 10.8V. This is an upgraded version of the highly reliable JR102D. It now includes a Lightweight eXtreme Technology Battery slide (not included). The blade screw clamping is the compatible with both recipes and with jigsaw blades. Enabling the engine to run hotter for a longer life and more reliably. Simple to use, equipped with a trigger switch and lock-off lever, with the ability to make blade changes without equipment. Blade speed controlled by the variable trigger on soft-grip handle with the electronic 2- speed controls also conveniently located.

The blade lock complies with the corresponding blades of the saw as well as the jigsaw blades. With the four-point blade placement, you can go almost anywhere. The tool for reciprocating saws is light enough not to cause fatigue even after 5 minutes. It looks like a sabre saw, except for the blade clamp, either a standard sabre saw or jigsaw blades are used. Working in a room without sockets with a wired reciprocating saw can also be a problem as you either need to find an extension or other nearby sockets. It is suitable for technological applications and daily use, great for light work. Look for the capacity of the blade that defines the maximum cutting depth that the saw can achieve. With the tool less blade changing mechanism, blade changes are fast.

The Makita XPT (Extreme Protection Technology) unit protects against water and dust penetration when used in difficult weather conditions. Rapid access for fast carbon brush replacement brushes. Blade screw clamping is compatible with all recipes and with jigsaw blades. Enabling the engine for a longer life to run hotter and more powerful. With a much more powerful brushless engine, it achieves up to 3000 strokes a minute.

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