Makita Twin Pack

Makita sells a wide range of goods in this sector as well as Makita sells a range of other gadgets. In addition to wireless screwdrivers, wireless impact wrenches, rotative hammer drills and wireless puzzles, such as battery saws, cableless angle scrapers, cableless pluggers. For power tools, Makita offers the classic instruments, including hammers, boxes, floorboards, saws, cutting & angled moulers.  Gardening tools, on the other side (electric lawnmowers, high-pressure cleaners, blowers) and calculation instruments (rangefinders, rotating lasers).

Makita DLX2131MJ1 Power Tool Kit 18v x 4Ah Lithium battery. Driven by 3 x 18v x 4Ah lithium batteries plus rapid recharge, supplied in a tough storage box of MakPac 3. The Makita DLX2131MJ1 double set comprises the Combi drill DHP482 and the effect DTD152. Last but not least, this new edition now has lithium-ion batteries 3x 4.0Ah BL1840B.

The DHP482 model is the cableless hammer driver drill that was built to replace the DHP456 model and the DTD152 was developed to succeed in the DTD146 model. Available in the connector case Makpac form 3. With a single keyless sleeve chuck, you can tackle new parts efficiently, while the 2 kg body is lightweight and can be managed comfortably by anybody.

Makita provides an all-metal gearbox with a hard duty combination with a huge torque of 115Nm.  A two-speed gearbox with a keyless chuck in steel. It has an electronic 4-speed gearbox with a “T” mode for self boiling screws. Furthermore, a range of soft/medium/hard impacts with a maximum torque of 75Nms for delicate to hard operation. As well as the two computers have brushless motors and two LED lamps to illuminate the working area for longer battery runtime.


A compact style, total length just 225mm, 2 gearbox pace. High output at high torque. Improved dust and dry output for outdoor use or harsh environments. A single keyless sleeve chuck makes it easy to install/remove a bit with one hand. Twin LED Light with pre-glow and post-glow. Furthermore the battery capability of 2 lights on 20 per cent to 50%. 1 light on less than 20% maximum power of the battery you can easily buy at toptopdeal.

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