Mitre Saw

Mitre Saw

A mitre saw will allow you to make cuts at a variety of angles with the help of a spinning blade. Perfect for both commercial or casual use, look for a compound feature that can pivot left and right as well as tilting to produce beveled cuts. Some models also offer a sliding mechanism to allow the user to move the blade back and forth, allowing you to cut larger pieces of wood with greater thickness such as fencing posts. Blade size is also an important factor, the larger the diameter the more depth and height of cut you can achieve.

There are several types of miter saws:

Original mitre box and saw

Power/Standard miter saw

Compound-miter saw

Dual compound-miter saw

Sliding compound-miter saw

Laser/LED miter-saws


blade guard is a cover for the teeth of the cutting blade. Most modern miter saws have self-retracting blade guards, which automatically retract when the saw is lowered onto a workpiece and re-cover the blade when the saw is raised.

dust bag connects directly to the saw, and helps to collect sawdust away from the workpiece during cutting.

safety clamp helps to lock a workpiece into position prior to making a cut. This is an especially important feature when cutting smaller workpieces (eight inches or smaller).

Sliding compound miter saws are relatively portable. Also they are easy to set up, and robust enough to maintain accuracy even when moved around. Because they cut from above it is not necessary to adjust blade depth for different thicknesses of work piece. Further, like any bench machine, repeat cuts are very easy. Most saws have an adjustable scale plate for table swiveling, with positive stops at commonly used angles. 

So, the Makita Mitre Saws are of superior quality and you can shop online too!

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