NAILER, a nail weapon is a tool for pushing nails into wood or other material. It is usually operated by pneumatic air, electromagnetism that is highly flammable gas such as butane or propane. Nail weapons, as tools of choice for builders, have in several ways replaced the hammers.

 Nail shot, depending on the design of the nail gun,  so uses fixtures placed in long clips, or collated in paper or plastic carrier. Especially those for the production and the roofing of pallets, use long plastic buckets or wire gathered. Some strip nailers have a clamped head to allow narrower reloading of the nails. Due to its full round head and ring shank nails give a stronger power to take off. 


  • Profit from longer runtime, faster fire preparedness, and less recoil.
  • Brushless motor technology provides the capacity to shoot a 63mm nail in softwood and a 50mm nail in hardwood.
  • Free tool stall/jam clearance minimizes user downtime.
  • Mechanical rather than gas operation provides considerable cost savings as well as consistent efficiency at temperatures between-20 and 50 degrees Celsius and limited cleaning/service requirements
  • Protective pads to place the instrument back on the head
  • Mode selector encourages bumping or sequential nailing.
  • LED lights with notice of the error
  • Fast tool-free clearing of jams and release of stalls

There are different types of nailgun; Pneumatic nailgun, Powder-actuated nailgun, Combustion-powered nailgun, Electric nailgun, Solenoid-powered nailgun, Pin Nailers. For example, a typical brad nailer will shoot 3/8″ to 1/4″ long nails. whereas a bigger framing nailer usually shoots a 2-3 1/2″ long nail. A brad nailer is a decent choice for woodwork ventures.

There are different brands of Nailers you have to choose the best among all brands, for instance, DeWalt DCN692N, DeWalt DCN660N as well as Makita GF600SE, Makita GN900SE  these models of nailer are superior for nailing and these are available at

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