Radio is ideal for drowning out noisy worksite conditions and keeping you entertained with your favorite sport or music whilst at work or at home. Look for features such as DAB which gives greater access to a wide range of channels or Bluetooth connectivity which allows wireless streaming of music from your mobile.  Some also allow you to charge power tool batteries whilst plugged into the mains. So, you won’t feel tired.

With rubberized handles, they have a robust design. The aerial is rubber and bendy so it’ll take a knock with no problems and the sub base is replaceable should anything happen to it. A USB port charges your mobile devices, while an aux audio port connects to players’ headphone outputs. It is quality with banging bass and as well as charging your radio.  Specifically designed for use in worksites.


The Makita DMR109W 10.8-18V LXT / CXT Li-ion DAB job Site Radio White body. It is ideal for camping or even fishing trips on board. The Makita DMR109 has a retractable handle grip for ease of carrying and a flexible antenna. It features elastomer bumpers and an anti-shock loudspeaker system.

Also, They are capable to sustain the risks on sites and can withstand the ruggedness of outdoor weather elements. Your chosen radio must be able to handle the tasks as well as work flawlessly in different weather conditions.

Most radios are either powered by electric outlets or batteries or both. If you intend to use a radio for a workplace that has a continuous electrical supply, then it is a good idea to go for an electrically powered radio Make sure the cordless radios come with an efficient and rechargeable battery system.

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