Reciprocating Saw djr188z

The reciprocating saw djr188z Brushless motor 2-speed reciprocating saw. It can run up to 2,300 spm at low speed and 3,000 spm at high speed. Keyless blade clamp with lever-action for fast and simple adjustments to the blade. The electric 2-speed range provides the optimal high-speed rpm for timber cutting and low speed for steel cutting. The DJR188Z and the new drive train only weigh 3.7 kg. Blade speed controlled via the variable trigger on the soft-grip handle with the electronic 2-speed controls also conveniently located. As well as variable speed control by a lever, lock-off mechanism, electric brake, and soft-grip ergonomic handle, Reciprocating Saws uses modern slide battery technology.

There are two switch levers in the saw with variable velocity control. This will easily deal with a number of work. A low vibration lightweight powerhouse. A LED light allows you during sawing to get a good picture of the workpiece. Ripping out the old fittings is one of the most time-consuming jobs when you install windows and doors. The memory mode feature enables start-up at the same suction strength as when you previously turned it off. Equipped with a battery safety circuit: designed to protect the battery against harm caused by over-discharge, high temperature or current overload. Simple to use, equipped with a trigger switch and lock-off lever, with the ability to make blade changes without equipment.

Compatible with the Makita 18V LXT batteries. You can cut wood, metal, and plastic with a wide range of available blade styles. This requires a soft start and a variable speed trigger for wood and steel with a peak cutting range of 50 mm. Working in a room without sockets with a wired reciprocating saw can also be a problem as you either need to find an extension or other nearby sockets.

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