SDS+ Hammer Drill


Hammer drill

 It is also known as impact drill is a powerful tool used mainly for drilling hard materials. It is a type of rotary drill with an impact mechanism that produces hammering motion.  Last but not least, this instrument can be used as a traditional drill to execute activities such as a screwdriver.

Difference between SDS and hammer drill:

SDS Rotary Hammers are identical to Hammer Drills in that they’re also striking the drill bit in and out as it’s rotating. They use a piston system instead of a special clutch to produce a much more effective hammer strike than conventional hammer drills-they can dig bigger holes much faster than traditional hammer drills

The Makita hybrid, rotary hammer drill built on the predecessor model but with a better operating mode shift lever. For this drill, you don’t need to rotate the drill to turn between ‘Rotation’ and ‘Hammering’ modes.


Updated operation-mode shift lever allows flipping from ‘Rotation’ to ‘Hammering’ mode and vice versa without spinning the jack. 3-mode operation: rotation only/hammering only. One-touch sliding jack for quick installation and removal of the bit. Variable modulation of speed by the trigger. Forward/backward rotation and is capable of limiting the torque. Double isolation .40 different angle settings for a bit.Compact, lightweight build. An ergonomically built handle with rubberized soft grip offers a relaxed grip. Moreover, it has more power while minimizing hand discomfort and pain.


Hammer drills have a cam-action or percussion hammering mechanism in which two sets of toothed gears connect with each other to hammer when spinning the drill bit. Moreover, the bolt has a mechanism that allows the whole bolt and bit to shift forward and backward on the rotating axis. Although it is not possible to use the action of the hammer alone since it is the movement of the cams that induces the motion of the hammer. The hammer drill has a specially built clutch that allows it not only to rotate the drill bit but also to punch it in and out of the drill bit.

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