TD110DZ impact driver

Impact driver

The impact driver LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless provides power and speed in a small size. Firstly it has an Ergonomic soft grip. The best choice for cabinet designers, kitchen utensils, electricians, etc., anybody who does a bit of a screwdriver.For a full range of driving and fastening tasks. Last but not least, The new range of 10.8v TD110DZ impact driver provides users with enhanced power, durability, and usability.

It is a lightweight driver with a maximum impact is 110Nm and a maximum speed is 2600 rpm. Features such as a rubber shaped handle, a backlight LED light, and an electronic brake that almost automatically prevents rotation. The TD110D contains a rubber-molded handle and a 1⁄4″ single sleeve for quick bit changes

The CXT battery is a battery safety circuit, which is able to protect against fatigue and overheat and lasts up to -20 °C in low temperatures. Moreover, the biggest contrast between a hammer box and an impact driver in the form of force. Hammer boxes use a hammering motion as if they were striking the rear of the exercise. Furthermore, This motion allows the requisite penetration to force the attachment into a hard substance as the package spins waste from the cavity. Hammer drills may be used to translate bolts into concrete, mortar, masonry, or metal.

Effect drivers handle bigger screws and bolts more effectively than typical lightweight drills. In comparison, they automatically apply more rotational energy as they reach resistance—two to three times more torque than a drill—you can find that using an impact driver is safer at hand and elbow. So, if your project includes a lot of major fasteners, like a deck or pergola, you’ll find that the impact driver makes the job a lot simpler.

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