work light led

For the Makita Work Light Led flashlight torch, there are three L.E.D. illumination modes: 360° lantern, 180° lantern or flashlight. There are 12 LED bulbs in this torch. For additional convenience, it has 360 ° swivels of metal hanging hook and folds away. Anything from LED flashlights, cordless torches, Li-ion fluorescent lights, and even one radio and flashlight on the job site, because no matter how close a spot you might be in, you’re never out of Classic FM’s earshot. Built-in USB port for charging mobile devices. With 7 positive stops, this flashlight head folds up and down and rotates left to right for various angles.

The DML806 is lightweight, just 365mm, to take into account its strength. It has a swiveling hanging hook for additional ease and a rubberized non-slip grip. For instance, in lantern mode, an 18V 5.0Ah battery will give you 11.1/2 hours of continuous light, 21 hours as an inspection lamp, and 51 hours of continuous light in torch mode. Torches & Lights, with 12 LED lamps, is rechargeable florescent cordless torch. Its head folds up and down, with 7 desirable pauses. It has ergonomically formed handle for fast handling with a rubberized flexible grip.

It provides continuous illumination for up to 14 hours on a single charge. The Flashlight also be powered by Makita 18v lithium-ion batteries. Ultra-bright lighting, versatility and comfort offered. Mode of inspection lamp: 310 lumens to illustrate a particular area of work .

Our torch line includes pivot and fluorescent lights as well as the latest LED technologies for improved energy efficiency, with a variety of torches from the top power tool brands.

Our collection of wireless torches and lights makes it very easy to shed some light on the subject. For added comfort, the metal hanging hook swivels 360° and folds away.

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